This is Woodee

For the love of athletic adventures, nature and the world! These elements are our passion. It is what characterise our story, and it is what will impact our future. From this our clothes are born.

Woodee is a Danish clothing brand and we want our styles to be your favourite piece of clothing by giving you timeless cool athleisure wear with enough design twist to take the style up a notch. And of course with high quality and ability so that it will last you years to come and take you through your adventures.

Each element inspires us when making the perfect clothes for likeminded awesome people like yourself. We love comfortable clothes, being adventurous athletes ourselves and constantly on the go, so this is also our promise to you: Our clothes are comfortable to wear so that you can be active and feel unrestricted when wearing it.

Nature gives us air and space to unfold. Therefor our vision is to make sustainable choices to preserve the nature. We do not embrace fast fashion but instead slows it down with our baseline collection, ensuring your clothes will last you years to come and get full use.

Our designs originate from our many adventures around the world and through these we also remember and embrace the wonders of the world.