Woodee was founded in 2018 and aims to be a part of changing the fashion scene by producing responsible long lasting products.

Woodee's vision

We strive to be sustainable and as our company grows, and have the available resources, we will incoorporate more and more sustainable choices.

Firstly we want to make timeless quality clothes that will last you years to come, which is why we believe in a slow fashion concept. This ensures less clothes are thrown out. Our aim is also to give you the option of returning your Woodee clothes, if it no longer fits or you want a new style, so that others may buy it at a reduced priced. You will ofcourse get a reward that you can use to purchase a new Woodee item. This will elongate our products lifetime.


We use a mix of European suppliers from Portugal, Denmark and Polen, to ensure high quality, fast deliveries and production conducted with high ethical and moral standards. It is important for us to have a transparent and close relationship with our suppliers and to ensure everyone is treated fairly with good working conditions. 


Our products are made as sustainable as possible. Firstly, they must last for many years and have the best fit and comfort - this is sustainable! Equally important for us, and the environment, is that we use sustainable materials which is why we use materials such as organic cotton, wool and bamboo. Sometimes we add elastan - this to ensure greater comfort - but we strive to find a more sustainable option for this.