The story so far

Woodee’s founder has lived an active life on the go, which is what inspires her to create the clothing brand Woodee.

At the age of 19 she left Denmark and travelled to Australia, fell in love and stayed. She lived on the East Coast, near the beach, and travelled 4hours each day to study Clothing Production, her passion. Already at this point she did not like the nature of fast fashion and put her idea of a job in the industry on hold, although she kept her passion alive by creating and sewing.

Instead she explored the nature and the abilities of the body by competing in ocean races and Aquathlons, as well as going bushwalking, hiking and camping. Combining this with an urge to also make a difference she eventually joined the Royal Australian Air Force where she served 3 years, which she expresses to be one of the best jobs she has had – “It was challenging, rewarding, adventurous and I met the kindest and coolest people”.

It was whilst in the Australian Air Force she got the nickname Woodee. One of her recruit-mates thought she looked like Woody from Toystory, in her military clothes and with the big junglehat and being tall and gangly. 

Later on, although living by the beach near the great barrier reef by palms and nice weather, the longing for Denmark, its people and culture, friends and family became too prominent. At the age of 27 she decided to move back home and joined the Danish Army. She went through recruits and sergeant school and became a sergeant medic, in charge of a small medic group, and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. At all times she has kept her desire for testing her body alive by competing in triathlons and adventure races.

The urge to see the world and be adventurous is ongoing and she still loves everything from Xterra races, primitive hiking holidays in Norway or Slovenia to roadtrips along rute 66 in USA. But like life, it is best experienced with the people you love, and therefor her husband, daughter, family or friends are always an integral part of the journey.

It is also through her journey that she has realised the importance of everyone doing their bit to protect the world that we live in.